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Welcome to Olarro, where magic is made real.

Magic is made real at Olarro. Here, an untamed wilderness meets another realm – a world of the utmost luxury.

Olarro is more than a private safari. It’s an exhilarating mix of quickening heartbeats, induced by fixing a lion’s gaze, and spine-tingling refinement sparked by starlit savannah suppers. Here, your every whim is pre-empted and attended to in the presence of nature’s raw power.

Irrepressibly wild and flawlessly finessed in the same breath, safari at Olarro defies belief and, at times, description.

Wild and private views

Not far from the Masai Mara National Reserve, Olarro is an entirely private wilderness. Venture into our conservancy and 20,000 precious acres open up before you, aching to be explored.

Big game roams freely over our reserve’s endless plains and gathers under the cover of darkness. Come September, our lodges enjoy exclusive views of wildebeest migrating in their millions. Open only to our guests, Olarro’s conservancy promises a personal and unreal safari experience.


Far from humble abodes

Succumb to the opulence of our safari lodges as well as the savannah’s enthralling drama. From the private paradise of your room, to service that makes every second here entirely effortless, Olarro offers the best safari experience. And to ensure that your relaxation is total, our escapes are all inclusive.

Though unfalteringly luxurious, Olarro never strays far from nature. Every window invites the wild world in. Our retreats are powered almost entirely by renewable energy. This is a sanctuary of sumptuousness and an eco paradise – awarded gold status by Eco Tourism Kenya.


Feed every sense

Drink in sunsets and sundowners on verandas. Dine on signature creations under Africa’s stars. And come breakfast time, feast on a panorama of the plains and freshly baked bread. Every element of dining here delights.

We grow fresh ingredients in our very own garden. Wines, selected from the world’s very best vineyards, complement our fine dining creations. And to make every morsel yet more magical, you can sit down to eat anywhere – beside the roaring fireside of your lodge, out in the bush beneath midnight’s canopy, anywhere.


Unspoilt, unrivalled safari

See majestic lions laze and cheetahs prowl. Watch antelope bound across sun-scorched earth, or gargantuan elephant gatherings under the cover of darkness. Witness these Masai Mara safari spectacles uninterrupted.

With our very own private conservancy, Olarro grants you exclusive access to rare and iconic African wildlife, day and night. Away from the crowds of public parks, you can capture the picture-perfect sighting, free from any other holidaymakers or vehicles.


Enrich the adventure

Seek even wilder thrills with heart-racing close-ups of savannah life from a quad bike. Let the world outside Kenya melt away in Olarro’s luxurious spas. Meet the human faces of the Masai Mara while visiting neighbouring tribes. Take your trip far beyond safari with anything-but-ordinary Olarro experiences.